Carol Comissiong

Carol Comissiong
Contact Name: Carol Comissiong
Title: Ms.
Achievements & Accomplishments:

One is parenting. I learned so many lessons while bringing up my son in Canada. Being a very young new parent, this proved very challenging as I navigate the type of systemic discrimination we experienced as immigrants in the 70’s and beyond. Those lessons however, strengthened my resolve and I am proud to say it served me very well as I mentor and counsel my two grand daughters and the many members of my teams throughout the years. Another, is my success in the corporate world where I achieved many successes and awards. At times, I was the only black and female in many situations. For eg I was one of five women and the only black in my 1990 Executive MBA program. Developing a strong sense of self actualization is another accomplishment that I am very proud of since it gave me a toolkit to be used in my day to day life.

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