2018 Honourees


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Aina-Nia Ayo’dele (Toronto, Ontario)

Founder and managing director of Sacred Women International. To the next Generation: “Far more can be realized quicker by listening instead of speaking. Profound clarity can be gained in questioning rather than answering”.

Dr. Alissa Trotz (Toronto, Ontario)

Parent, teacher, public intellectual, learning always. To the next Generation: “Nurture an insatiable curiosity – it is your responsibility to ask tough questions and find ways to get them answered. Remember whose shoulders you stand on – it keeps you real and connected. Seek out the joy – it is a practice of living and an orientation to a world yet to come.”

Amah Harris (Toronto, Ontario)

One of the pioneers of Black Theatre in Canada, an anti-racist advocate, innovative educator, theatre producer and director. To the next Generation: “Be grounded in your cultural heritage. With God’s guidance, build on that to make Canada the place you would like it to be”.

Amoye Henry (Toronto, Ontario)

Project Manager and Producer To the next Generation: “Use your words carefully, they can either be used to amplify your goals, or stop you dead in your tracks”.

Dr. Andrea Davis (Toronto, Ontario)

Professor of Literary and Cultural Studies and Chair of the Department of Humanities at York University To the next Generation: “Dream big. Imagine a better world, a better future. Then set to work to make your dreams a reality”.

Angela Yvonne Clarke (Toronto, Ontario)

Cultural Ambassador and Community Mentor To the next Generation: “Volunteering is a great way to gain skills and experience for when they are ready for the job market”.

Dr. Annette Bailey (Toronto, Ontario)

Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Collaborative Nursing Program of the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing at Ryerson University. To the next Generation: “Accept a mindset of significance. I remind them that they stand in the shoes of great Blacks who have paved the way for them to occupy spaces and high places in this world. They are born to not simply exist, but to be excellent”.

Annie Kashamura Zawadi (Toronto, Ontario)

Gender Specialist – Women’s Rights Advocate, Writer & Speaker To the next Generation: “Focus, build your skills constantly, fear not; have Faith: we were born to succeed if we don’t limit ourselves. Ask for help and be positive. Blessings”.

Belinda Brady (Markham, Ontario)

International Singer, Performer, Songwriter and Producer at BD360 Inc. To the next Generation: “First respect yourself. Second, invest in your self-growth and development. Third, know your value!”

Beverley Johnson (Toronto, Ontario)

Trade union, human rights and social justice activist. To the next Generation: “The struggle is about improving our community and not just individual gain so bring others along with you on your journey. Be kind, caring and supportive of each other.”

Dr. Beverley Noel Salmon (Toronto, Ontario)

Member of the Order of Ontario in 2016 and the Order of Canada in 2017, parent, community activist. To the next Generation: “I have great faith in the next generation and the emerging leadership. I encourage individuals to believe in themselves, find that special gift granted to them by their creator and nurture it.”

Dr. Bukola Salami (Edmonton, Alberta)

Professor at the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary To the next Generation: “My best advice for the next generation is to look beyond the barriers and constraints; surround yourself with people who believe in you, and believe in yourself. Focus on your long-term goals, but also have back-up plans. You can do it.”

Camille A. Mitchell (Toronto, Ontario)

An Architect with KPMB Architects in Toronto and founding member of the independent organization ‘Building Equality in Architecture’. To the next Generation: “Do not take criticism personally – take it professionally. Not all completed task or assignments will be accepted by another party”.

Candace L. Thomas (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Candace is originally from East Preston, Nova Scotia and is a partner in the Halifax office of the law firm, Stewart McKelvey where she has practiced since 1999. To the next Generation: “Work hard, seize every opportunity to attain your goals, always act with integrity and, importantly, lift as you climb.”

Dr. Carole Chauncey (Toronto, Ontario)

Professor Emerita, Ted Rogers School of Information Management, Faculty of Business, Ryerson University is currently a certified Life Coach and Facilitator. To the next Generation: “Place a high value on yourself; Get a solid education which prepares you for further education; Accept guidance from your parents or guardians; get a mentor(s) in the industry you want to work in; pursue your career early in life”.

Carion Fenn (Ajax, Ontario)

President of the Carion Fenn Foundation. Host of Health 180 with Carion Fenn on Rogers TV Durham, an Award-Winning inclusiveness and accessibility patient advocate. To the next Generation: “Prepare yourself to be Resilient. Believe in yourself, don’t allow anyone to determine who you will be. Dream your ultimate dream and aim towards that dream. Do what you can to help others”.

Carlotta Weymouth (Darmouth, Nova Scotia)

Unsung Hero To the Next Generation: “You are only limited by the limits you place on yourself. Be Consistent, Be Persistent but most of all be True to yourself”.

Charmaine Crooks (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Member Order of Canada and Five Time Olympian and Silver Medalist To the next Generation: “Never give up! Work and collaborate as a team and give back to the community”.

Charmaine Headley (Toronto, Ontario)

Co-founder and Artistic Director of COBA, Collective of Black Artists, who uses dance, dance education and activism as an umbrella for identity. To the next Generation: “Take the opportunity to learn about your heritage and culture and use it as a sounding board as you create and claim your space towards success”.

Chloë E. Callender (Waterloo, Ontario)

Retired educator, community development consultant and leadership facilitator. To the next Generation: “Have respect for self and others;  Take care of physical and mental health; Develop spiritual and moral values; Gain as much education as possible; Make a special effort to save the planet;  Work at whatever you enjoy best”.

Dahlia Bateman (Toronto, Ontario)

Corporate/Commercial Lawyer and Social Justice Advocate. To the next Generation: “Explore different paths towards your goal and value each challenge you meet along the way. Do not be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone every now and then because each experience, good or bad, helps to define the path to your goal”.

Dr. Delores Mullings (St. John’s, Newfoundland)

Her community based experience is located in hostels, shelters and sexual assault centres working primarily with and for women who are survivors intimate violence, street involvement and/or homeless. To the next Generation: “Create a vision, stay grounded and focused; ask for help when you need it; remain flexible and adjust as necessary along the journey; surrounded yourself with a healthy balance of people who have similar and different life experiences as yourself”

Denise Herrera Jackson (Toronto, Ontario)

CEO, Peeks Toronto Caribbean Carnival To the next Generation: “Fall in love with yourself. Dream large. Find joy in everything that you do. Realize that you can learn from every experience you encounter. Respect others who provide a service to you. Humility is strength”.

Denise Jones (Brampton, Ontario)

Mother of Jesse and Jerimi Jones and President and Co-Founder of Jones & Jones Productions To the next Generation: “Choose what you love” to Choose your career from what you love, and know that change is ok. Not one but 5 careers are possible for your generation. Don’t let your address define you. Never give up”.

Dr. Denise O’Neil Green (Toronto, Ontario)

Ryerson’s first Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion To the next Generation: “When it comes to work, get it done!”

Diane Walter (Toronto, Ontario)

A mother, wife, daughter, sister and I am the Executive Director of Margaret’s Housing and Community Support Services To the next Generation: “Pursue life with the audacity of ambition, hope and love. And believe deeply in your abilities, practice self-love, empathy and compassion and pursue education as a lifelong process”.

Dilesha Stelmach (Toronto, Ontario)

Group Benefits Underwriter and A woman of god and mother To the next Generation: “My best advice for the next generation would be never let failure or fear stop you from learning and growing as a person. Embrace your shortcomings and build on them”.

Dominique Dennery (Ottawa, Ontario)

Certified Management Consultant, A Certified Coach, and a Sculptor! To the next Generation: “We live much longer. You will have multiple careers. Create choices for yourself by being open-minded and agile. Resilience comes from acquiring solid knowledge and building a professional practice that will support you no matter what happens around you. Keep exploring and keep reinventing yourself!”

Donette Chin-Loy Chang (Toronto, Ontario)

Journalist, communications specialist and philanthropist. To the next Generation: “Work hard. Work smart. Seize the moment. Honour your elders and ancestors. Give of yourself, then of your resources. Take nothing for granted. Enjoy life – it is not long. Not everything can be measured in dollars and cents”.

Dorothy Abbott (Toronto, Ontario)

Treasurer of the Ontario Black History Society and the Owen Sound Emancipation Festival To the next Generation: “If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask for help when seeking the answers. Sometimes the answers are simple and obvious; other times you have to dig a little deeper, but the answers can turn up in unexpected places.”

Eleanor Wiltshire-Rodney (Hamilton, Ontario)

A ‘Trini to the bone’, is known in Hamilton, Ontario as one who took action to ensure justice and equity for youth and the wider community. She is an Educator, founder and producer of African Caribbean Cultural Potpourri Inc. To the next Generation: “Make education a top priority. Be proud of your heritage. Research the accomplishments of past generations, noting what they have done for Canada and the world.”

Dr. Emily Agard (Toronto, Ontario)

Director of SciXchange To the next Generation: “Seek help and persevere through the difficult times, and act with integrity and empathy.”

Emily Mills (Toronto, Ontario)

Founder of How She Hustles, a network that connects diverse women through social media and special events. To the next Generation: “Believe that your life has purpose, you have a voice and you can use both for good.”

Estella Namakula Muyinda (Mississauga, Ontario)

Lawyer with a background in management and in human rights pertaining to the constitutional rights of vulnerable communities. To the next Generation: “Do not be silent . Use your voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. We achieve more when we work collaboratively.”

Dr. Fahima Osman (Toronto, Ontario)

Cancer Surgeon To the next Generation: “Your success should be measured in terms of impact – not financial gain.”

Farhia Ahmed (Ottawa,Ontario)

Award winning public servant. To the next Generation: “Don’t be afraid to fail!”

Fay Cole (Mississauga, Ontario)

Happily Retired and A Civic and Community Leader To the next Generation: “Pursue as much education as possible. Set goals, seek positive supports if you encounter bumps along the way and… dream.”

Frances Delsol (Toronto, Ontario)

Community Servant and an advocate for Dominica. To the next Generation: “Honor the memories of those who fought and died so you could be here today. Stand up for what is right not what is popular, and be an advocate for your community. Read! Learn! Teach!”

Georgia Graham (Windsor, Ontario)

I am a PhD candidate at Ryerson University with over 15-years of experience working with diverse groups in the community. To the next Generation: “Pre-live the future – but do not limit your view to what is in front of you. Instead, look for the endless possibilities ahead of you. Remember, what is today does not have to be tomorrow. What tomorrow brings can always be changed; it is never too late.”

Ginelle Skerritt (New Lowell, Ontario)

A Community Builder To the next Generation: “Be a humble, yet confident leader in every aspect of your life. Define success on your own terms. Learn the value of acceptance and of listening and observing what is, rather than what you thought would be and the value of letting go. Do all things with love.”

Gloria Small-Clarke (Toronto, Ontario)

Gloria remains committed to defending the rights and protecting the dignity of vulnerable and marginalized people, specifically children and youth and people with mental health differences. To the next Generation: “An education can never be taken away from you. Our ancestors struggled and fought for us to have an education. Let’s seize the opportunity and make them proud”

Hannah Yohannes (Toronto, Ontario)

I’m a filmmaker and screenwriter. To the next Generation: “Trust your gut instincts.”

Coco Cognac Brown (Heather A. Needham) (Toronto, Ontario)

Singer, Songwriter, Keyboard Player, Author, House Music Recording Artist and Software Consultant. To the next Generation: “Trust Your Own Vision for Your Life.”

Irma Ingrid Mohammed (British Columbia)

Former director of Women’s Rights and Education programs for the British Columbia To the next Generation: “It is important to leverage the opportunities you are gifted in life, and to work to educate and empower others to move forward, be successful, and advocate for themselves.”

Jackie Bishop Martin (Toronto, Ontario)

Travel and Tourism Professional To the next Generation: “Don’t be pulled in many directions if you want to get ahead in life, stay focused with your eyes on the prize!”

Jacqueline Dixon (Toronto, Ontario)

Certified Sales Professional, Trainer, Radio Host & Professional Speaker. To the next Generation: “If you want to be successful, you have to do what successful people do”. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, study the habits of the most successful people in the field you would like to pursue and simply copy them. Sustainable success is based on hard work and consistent effort. This is why it is so important to “Love” what you do!”

Janie Cooper-Wilson (Stayner, Ontario)

Grassroots Historian, Genealogist & Cemetery Advocate To the next Generation: “No matter what your chosen field of endeavour, always strive for integrity, accountability and excellence in all you do.”

Joan Pierre (Toronto, Ontario)

My life journey speaks for itself. To the next Generation: “The key to a fulfilling life is finding the thing you are passionate about, and working to build a career around that passion. This can be a challenge, but is well worth the investment in time and patience.”

Dr. Josephine Etowa (Ottawa, Ontario)

Professor and Loyer DaSilva Research Chair in Public Health Nursing at the University of Ottawa. I am a nurse, a midwife and a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN). To the next Generation: “Choose your battles wisely. Being a ‘strong Black woman’ also means delegating to others as necessary.”

Joy Bullen (Toronto, Ontario)

After enjoying a successful career in Banking, I now enjoy my role as a fundraising consultant for causes that are close to my heart. To the next Generation: “Make it your mission to develop economic independence. Dream! Pursue your dream with confidence because that will enable success.”

Dr. Juliet Daniel (Hamilton, Ontario)

Cancer Biologist at McMaster University where I have had my independent research laboratory for the past 18 years. To the next Generation: “Be authentic and believe in yourself. Follow and pursue the dream, or dreams, God has placed in your heart. Surround yourself with people who believe in you but challenge you to aim higher.”

Jully Black (Toronto, Ontario)

A platinum-selling Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Philanthropist and Motivational Speaker. To the next Generation: “Why not be your best self? Everyone else is taken.”  (by Oscar Wilde)

Kadine Taylor (Regina, Saskatchewan)

Human Resources Professional with a passion for people and making a positive impact in the lives of those she encounters. To the next Generation: “Love yourself because you are wonderfully made by an almighty God who does not make mistakes.”

Minister Karen Brown Campbell (Toronto, Ontario)

The First Vice-President of ETFO, President of the Smile Foundation, Union Activist, Proud Mom, Wife and Agent of Change for educating women and girls. To the next Generation: “Honour and respect your elders. They are a fountain of knowledge and wisdom. Absorb all that they radiate like rays of the sunlight”

Kemi Jacobs (Toronto, Ontario)

Community Organizer/Facilitator, Rites initiate, African Woman To the next Generation: “Know yourself, be/grow comfortable in your skin, take up space and create space for others”.

Kharoll-Ann Souffrant (Montreal, Quebec)

Master’s of Social Work Candidate at McGill University. To the next Generation: “Surround yourself with mentors. If something causes obsession, go for it and do it. Do you love enough to do what you are passionate about in life?  You can not go wrong when you listen to your heart. Be indulgent towards yourself: it’s okay to be wrong, it’s okay to say no, it’s okay to feel more vulnerable.”

Kike Ojo (Toronto, Ontario)

Equity Consultant and Founder and CEO of The Kojo Institute. To the next Generation: “Dr. Maya Angelou said, “I come as one, but I stand as ten thousand”. Her words remind us that though we may feel alone, when we stand for liberation and justice, we stand with thousands of our ancestors and those who have gone before us.”

Lanre Tunji-Ajayi (Toronto, Ontario)

Co-founder of the Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario established in 2005 and the first President/CEO of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of Canada To the next Generation: “Dream it and Do it… Nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it!”

Léonie Tchatat (Toronto, Ontario)

An Agent of Change in the positive transformation of Francophone communities in Ontario To the next Generation: “Believe in yourself, set an ambitious goal and work hard to achieve it. Remember to be creative and always be humble.”

Linda Maxwell, MD, MBA, FRCSC, FACS (Toronto, Ontario)

Surgeon; Founding and Executive Director of The Biomedical Zone Distinguished Visiting Professor – Ryerson University To the next Generation: “Figure out what contribution you want to make to society and who you want to help and let that guide your every decision.”

Linda McCurdy (Windsor, Ontario)

Lawyer and Retired Track & Field Athlete To the next Generation: “Do not live for other people, but remember that the way you live may affect other people”.

Dr. Lisa Robinson (Toronto, Ontario)

Physician-Scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children Chief Diversity Officer for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. To the next Generation: “Even the most accomplished people to whom we look up would not have achieved what they did without encouragement and support from their mentors.”

Dr. Lynn Jones (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

A life-long Civil and Human Rights Activist, Educator, Community and Labour Activist and Speaker. To the next Generation: “Love AfriKa – Love thyself”

Mante Molepo (Ottawa, Ontario)

A Lawyer with a passion for international trade and food law. An Advocate, committed to fighting systemic discrimination, and a Mother who wants her children to realize their true potential in this world. To the next Generation: “Be willing to advocate for the causes and issues they value as important..”

Dr. Marcia Annisette (Toronto, Ontario)

Mother,  Scholar, Teacher and Friend To the next Generation: “Seek financial literacy. This is the language of the truly free”

Marie Clarke Walker (Ottawa, Ontario)

A proud Black woman, Mom, Activist and Secretary Treasurer of the largest Labour organization in Canada. To the next Generation: “Treat others the way you want to be treated, with respect not tolerance. Working together in solidarity gets better results.”

Mavis Ashbourne-Palmer (Regina, Saskatchewan)

Community Leader and Advocate To the next Generation: “While working for the betterment of your community, try not to leave anyone behind. Always surround yourself with people who are helpful and positive.. I beg of you, please respect your parents and elders and love everyone in this journey of life as yourself and God bless you all and stay safe.”

Michelle McCullock  (aka Michie Mee) (Toronto, Ontario)

The first Canadian Hip-Hop Recording Artist to sign an American Major Record deal To the next Generation: “1. Nurture your talent. 2. Save your money, it will save you. 3. Believe.”

Millicent Olayinka Olu-Cole (Whitby, Ontario)

Maternal Newborn Registered Nurse To the next Generation: “Strive for excellence in whatever you are doing and don’t give up. To be successful requires lots of patience. Live your best life.”

Natasha Henry (Toronto, Ontario)

President of the Ontario Black History Society. Educator, Author, Historian, and Curriculum Consultant. To the next Generation: “My advice to the next generation is “do you” with confidence and pride, believe in yourself, strive for excellence in everything you do, lift as you climb, be a voice for others, cherish your family and friends, and always find time to laugh.”

Nicole Waldron (Toronto, Ontario)

Social Activist and Change Agent To the next Generation: “Volunteer and give back to society and you will inevitably be giving back to yourself. Walk daily in humility. Each day your best is different, your job is to get up and try.”

Noreen Callender (Toronto, Ontario)

A Community Builder, Youth Advocate  and Avid Volunteer. To the next Generation: “Once you have decided on a career, set goals and keep focused on the end result.”

Norma Nicholson (Toronto, Ontario)

Community Advocate: changing the world for youth To the next Generation: “Use technology in a positive way to make the world a better place. Do remember that respect and listening will make you a great leader.”

Norma Louise Walker-Dickens (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Retired Teacher, Tireless women’s Rights and Community activist, Mother, Wife and Grandmother. To the next Generation: “Enhance your education by listening and conversing with the elders. Become politically active in your community and school.”

Olubusola Kolade (Toronto, Ontario)

A Teacher with Toronto District School Board and Founder of Ornaments of Grace and Virtue Organisation (advancing the education of girls at all levels). To the next Generation: “Compete against yourself and not others, try and out do yourself at all times. Always seek knowledge for it is power to achieve success. Believe in yourself.”

Dr. Pamela Appelt (Toronto, Ontario)

I am a retired Citizenship Court Judge and a Community Volunteer. To the next Generation: “Engage in voluntary and community work. Build on the love and advice of the ancestors and be that bridge for other generations.”

Patricia Glouden (Toronto, Ontario)

Retired Banker and Community Volunteer To the next Generation: “Work hard and embrace any opportunity presented to you. Travel and explore the world. Help others and share your knowledge. Look after the less fortunate and be patient with each other. Practise unconditional love.”

Pauline Wisdom-Gilliam (Toronto, Ontario)

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist providing nutrition education, counselling and mentorship at Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre and in the African Canadian and broader community for 30 years To the next Generation: “Recognize you can be a person of positive influence wherever you are placed. Dispel stereotypes by demonstrating excellence.”

Princess Alexander (Toronto, Ontario)

A Game Changer, Social Entrepreneur, President & Founder, Alexander Learmond. To the next Generation: “Consider entrepreneurship early in your career as it is indispensable for family well-being, societal and economic growth. When this path presents challenges, don’t give up – just persist.”

Rachel Décoste (Orléans, Ontario)

A Political Force, Pundit and unwavering Advocate for equality for all. To the next Generation: “Stand on the right side of history, even if you’re standing alone. Be aware of your strength, resilience and power and leverage each one strategically.”

Rita Burke (Toronto, Ontario)

Adult Educator To the next Generation: “Pursue education with a passion.  Keep looking for ways around obstacles…because there will be many challenges and as many solutions.”

Dr. Rosemary Moodie (Toronto, Ontario)

A Physician, Mother, Mentor and an Advocate for women and girls. To the next Generation: “Challenge ceilings and barriers. Do not be afraid to test your own limits, and then to push through them into uncharted territory.”

Salome Bey (Toronto, Ontario)

Singer, Actor, Playwright, Activist and Mentor To the next Generation: “I lift my voice with pride wherever I choose I sing cause I paid my dues I sing to celebrate life”

Sarah Onyango (Ottawa, Ontario)

A community radio and television Host and Producer, and long-time advocate for Ottawa-Gatineau’s Black Communities To the next Generation: “Be proud of your Black identity! Don’t let others limit or define you! Self-confidence and self-knowledge are the best buffers against the many micro-aggressions you will face.”

Shannon Beth Prince (North Buxton, Ontario)

Curator of the Buxton National Historic Site & Museum To the next Generation: “Explore other cultures, religions and ways of thinking. Don’t take life for granted. Be thankful you have parents, a roof over your head and an opportunity to get an education.”

Sheila Patricia Barker (Windsor, Ontario)

A Strong Community Activist Lifer To the next Generation: “People do not have to be stuck in the condition of their birth so go ahead and  to the Millenials: dream big!!”

Staff Sergeant Stacy Clarke (Toronto, Ontario)

A Staff Sergeant with the Toronto Police Service and Section Head of the Learning Development and Standards Section To the next Generation: “Your experiences will shape you but do not let all of them define you.”

Stachen Frederick (Toronto, Ontario)

Executive Director of BrAIDS for AIDS and Frontlines To the next Generation: “We breathe the same air. We see the same moon and sun. This means we are all connected and we can always find a moment to stop, reflect and to support someone in need”

Tanisha Scott (Toronto, Ontario)

World-renowned Choreographer, Performance and Creative Director. To the next Generation: “Know your craft inside and out. Don’t settle into what is comfortable: expand and challenge yourself.”

Her Worship Tessa Benn-Ireland (Toronto, Ontario)

Recently Retired Justice of the Peace who sat on the Bench in Newmarket and Richmond Hill Courts To the next Generation: “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING”

Thora H. Espinet (Toronto, Ontario)

Barrister, Solicitor, former Judge of the Toronto Small Claims Court and former Chair of the Canada Pension Plan Tribunal. To the next Generation: “In a changing world, be innovative, be creative, accept and meet the new challenges.”

Trey Anthony (Toronto, Ontario)

Award-winning Writer, Visionary,  Producer and Businesswoman. To the next Generation: “When someone tells you no, let that ‘no’ fuel you to keep going to prove them wrong. Never let a NO stop you from pursuing your dream. Not everyone will see your vision at the same time as you do.”

Velma Morgan (Toronto, Ontario)

A Teacher and Advocate for gender and cultural diversity in politics. To the next Generation: “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t..”

Veronica Sullivan (Toronto, Ontario)

Children’s Programme Coordinator for the African Canadian Heritage Association, Educator To the next Generation: “Let the Seven Principles be your guide (Unity, Self-Determination, Collective work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Creativity and Faith)”

Dr. Victoria Nelson (Mississauga, Ontario)

Volunteer at Acorn 2 Oak Community Services To the next Generation: “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress working together is success “end of quote”, Henry Ford.

Wendy Jones (Toronto, Ontario)

Toronto’s Number One Female Steel Pan Bandleader To the next Generation: “Never wait on others to fulfill your dreams”

Dr. Winsome Smith (Toronto, Ontario)

A Paedriatric Dentist, practising and serving in two office locations. To the next Generation: “Success can only be accomplished when one is strong, determined and works tirelessly to achieve one’s goals.  Ultimate success is to, “ do what one loves and love what one does,” which leads to an extraordinarily successful and purposeful life.”

Yolanda McClean (Markham, Ontario)

The second Vice-President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees and the President of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Ontario Canada Chapter To the next Generation: Stand firm in your beliefs. Your actions of today will play a significant role in your future; keeping that in mind, make choices with your heart, and follow your dreams. Be strong, be brave, and Never let anyone tell you it can’t be done.

Yvette Yende-Ashiri (Ottawa, Ontario)

A staunch Advocate for Social Justice and Women’s Rights. To the next Generation: “Dare to Act, believe in yourself always, because change begins with you.”

Yvonne Francis (Toronto, Ontario)

Musician, Mentor, Mother and Lover of Life: teaching in our community for over 30 years. To the next Generation: “The more we learn from each other the more we can teach another.”