Symposium 2024

Building A Black History Education Curriculum

Friday, September 27th, 2024 –  6pm to 9pm EST

Woodbine Banquet Hall

30 Vice Regent Blvd., Etobicoke, Ontario

2024 Book Launch & Award Ceremony

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Saturday, September 28th, 2024 –  6pm to 11pm EST

Woodbine Banquet Hall

30 Vice Regent Blvd., Etobicoke, Ontario


Poster – 500 Exceptional Black Canadian Women

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Congratulations to Extra-ordinary Women – 100ABC Honourees

100ABCWomen is pleased to present 500 Accomplished Black Canadian Women who have made Considerable contributions and impact, now, and over several decades, to our Youth and the Fabric and Landscape of Canada. Please join us in celebrating their successes and accomplishments during Black History and Women’s International Months!!

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"I received my gift package last week and must thank you and your team for the care, thoughtfulness and creativity that went into that package. All of the items are lovely and the book is exceptionally well done. Having my name engraved on my book means so much. Thank you very much for your leadership of this very special initiative."

Michele James
Vice-President, People and Transformation


We honoured our promise to donate some of the proceeds to three grass-root organizations that have programs supporting marginalized black women and young girls. Congratulations to:

  • The Gatehouse – Ontario
    The Gatehouse is a unique community based center in Canada that provides supports, resources and advocacy on behalf of those impacted by childhood sexual abuse. It is the only community-based setting that provides services for children, youth and adults in one location. The Gatehouse offers adult peer support group programs.
  • Fistula Empowerment Paradigm (FEP) – Nova Scotia
    The program currently has ten participants who meet every Thursday for two hours to participate in obstetric fistula awareness training and to self-empower through discussion, film, workshops, and other activities that address issues such as mental and sexual health, shadeism, the use of misogynistic language in schools, and issues of cultural displacement and a sense of belonging in Canadian society. The program’s innovative approach means that participants identify their own health concerns and decide upon the fashion in which they would like to address them.
  • National Congress of Black Women – British Columbia
    The Congress of Black Women of Canada is a voluntary, non-profit organization which is dedicated to improving the welfare of Black women and their families in their local communities and nationally. (It’s made of up of Black women from the continent of Africa and the diaspora which includes indigenous African Canadians, African Americans, the Caribbean, South America and other locations on this planet. It also includes financially disadvantaged women, working class women, professional women, students, women of various abilities, ages and sexual identities). The Congress aims to clarify and bring due recognition to the role of Black women in Canadian society. The Congress also seeks through a program of education and service to motivate Black women to participate in the life of the communities in which they live.


The Cactus Still Blooms By: Ettie Rutherford

Though surrounded by humanities’ arid embrace
The cactus still blooms.
While striving for survival on God’s most hateful soil
The cactus still blooms.
Engrossed with the battering of prejudice’s piercing winds
The cactus still blooms.
Striving beside each other, entwined by time
The cactus still blooms.
Honing skills of survival from plants long gone
Sharing sparse drops of Faith’s enriching waters, with Sisterly love
The cactus still blooms.
Protected by tentacles sharp and protective, while
Embracing the sunshine and blessings from above
It reaches for the sky, Lifting as it climbs,...
The cactus not only blooms
It carries on!