Pauline Cynthia Wisdom-Gilliam

Pauline Cynthia Wisdom-Gilliam
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Contact Name: Pauline Cynthia Wisdom-Gilliam
Title: Dietitian
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Pauline Wisdom-Gilliam is a registered dietitian who is passionate about providing exemplary patient care and is known for often going the extra mile to meet the needs of patients and families. She has had a long career in the field of nutrition and dietetics and has been employed at the Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre since 1991.

She feels blessed to have the opportunity and privilege of providing nutrition education, counseling and support to patients and their caregivers at a time that is often difficult and stressful. In addition to working with individuals and groups, Pauline has been involved with community education as a presenter in Sunnybrook’s Community Cancer Education Program Speaker’s Bureau, giving presentations in a variety of corporate, educational, and community settings including those serving the Black community. Throughout her career, she has written and contributed to many articles addressing nutrition and cancer issues. She is valued as a mentor and preceptor. Pauline was recently acknowledged for her contributions to the education of patients, families, staff and students with a nomination for the Sunnybrook Education Advisory Council Patient and Family Education Award 2017.

Within the community, she has been an active volunteer over the years. She has also done many presentations at events sponsored by community groups and organizations including The Olive Branch of Hope Cancer Support Group, the Jamaica-Canadian Association and the African-Caribbean Cancer Forum.