Dahlia Bateman

Dahlia Bateman
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Contact Name: Dahlia Bateman
Title: Lawyer
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Dahlia Bateman is a successful lawyer who started her own law firm in 2006 with a general practice including Criminal Law and Mental Health Law. Not long after,  she won a major decision in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice involving a patient’s right to refuse medication – a decision which has been cited in several cases. Over the last nine years, Dahlia made the transition to Corporate Law providing legal services to small and mid-sized corporations.

Dahlia is now a leading lawyer in the Food and Hospitality Services Industry. As General Counsel for the Dana Hospitality Group of Companies, she was integral to the Corporation’s successful bid for providing food services at the PANAM Games in Toronto in 2015. She crafts deals with national and international brands such as Tim Hortons and Starbucks to manage and establish restaurants across Canada.