Carole Dalene Adriaans

Carole Dalene Adriaans
Contact Name: Carole Dalene Adriaans
Title: Ms.
Achievements & Accomplishments:

1. Establishing two charities dedicated to supporting and developing the welfare of girls and women by providing avenues for further education and fostering self-sufficiency.

2. Establishing the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Bursary in Divinity Studies with the University of Toronto. This prestigious award is a tribute to Archbishop Tutu (Hon. LLD 2000) and his profound impact on spiritual and human rights leadership in Canada and globally.
The bursary aims to empower promising young humanitarians at the University.

3. Leading a delegation and creating a program supporting forensic testing for sexual abuse victims. The program addresses and combats violence against women, providing essential support and resources to survivors. Collaborators include the Centre for Research in Women’s Health, Sunnybrook Hospital, and Women’s College Health Centre.

Location: Ontario
Position: Event Management & Production Specialist