Veda Roodal Persad

Veda Roodal Persad
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Contact Name: Veda Roodal Persad
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My first accomplishment is my family including my three daughters, Ayesha, Tahira, and Jamilah, my sons-in-law, Osama and Wendell, and my grandchildren, Zaid, Umayma, and Zora Mae. I cherish my roles as mother and grandmother. While we are spread out over various countries, we are nurtured by our precious connections. My second accomplishment is the PhD I was able to achieve later in life. I was happy in my teaching but there was always a feeling of something missing. Each September would roll around and I would think to myself, it’s September and I am not in grad school. Finally I applied, was accepted into the program, and decided to start with just one course. I come from parents who are descended from indentured labourers and who barely finished primary school, so it was a special accomplishment that I was able to complete a PhD in mathematics education. I am also proud that I was able to gain some small measure of understanding of Lacanian theory (which is notoriously difficult) with the help of the Lacan Salon, Vancouver. My third accomplishment is the longevity of my career as an educator. I taught for 30 years at Langara, and I continue to teach in my 32nd year at TRU. I am proud of the fact that many of my students are themselves teachers and researchers in mathematics. This has given me an understanding and appreciation of people and cultures that have helped me as I continue to work with students who increasingly come from countries other than Canada.