Innes Howe

Innes Howe
Contact Name: Innes Howe
Title: Dr.
Achievements & Accomplishments:

In my corporate business tenure, I was honoured to be the first black person appointed to a management position in the Head Office, Human Resources department and was selected as the first Coordinator, in my division, to initiate activities in support of cultural diversity and people with disability.
While employed in one of the largest financial institutions of Canada, I was given the opportunity of the lead role in developing and negotiating Service Level Agreements, in collaboration with senior managers and executives of other top tier banks globally. These agreements were in support of a major system, Continuous Link Settlement (CLS), that was being designed to mitigate the possibility of huge financial losses when settlements of foreign currency trades, valuing trillions of dollars, would take place daily. Top executives were on hand to watch the launch of this initiative and witnessed the first settlement transact without any business interruption. Unknown to me at that time, I was a part of creating a legacy that would today support the business of the timely settlement of Foreign Exchange transactions internationally.
Working in a leadership role at my Church has been most fulfilling and impactful. I have coached and mentored several persons across all demographics, as well as provide spiritual and practical care for many. I have watched their lives transform and, in the process, I have grown exponentially.