Maricia Silvera-Batson

Maricia Silvera-Batson
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Contact Name: Maricia Silvera-Batson
Title: Registered Nurse and Patient Safety Leader
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Maricia Silvera-Batson was born in the well-known island of wood and water, Jamaica. She accompanied her mother to Canada in 1976 and has been a proud Torontonian ever since.

Coming from a family rich with nurses it comes as no surprise that Maricia has chosen a career that specializes in caring and advocacy. She is a Registered Nurse, graduating from both Centennial College and Ryerson University, with a specialty in Perianaesthesia and Critical Care at an acute care hospital. Always reflective and resourceful, Maricia is on a constant learning journey and has taken opportunities to explore beyond the bedside of nursing to effect change in healthcare personnel and patient safety