Ruth Rodney

Ruth Rodney
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Dr. Ruth Rodney is an Assistant Professor at York University’s School of Nursing in the Faculty of Health. She entered the academic and research field as an accomplished nurse with 15 years of clinical nursing experience in a number of areas in Canada and globally. In her current role, she contributes to fostering the next generation of Canadian nurses, encouraging them to be bold, dynamic health care leaders who think critically to address global health issues.
Dr. Rodney graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in nursing in 2004 from Ryerson University. She began her nursing career in Hamilton, Ontario and also worked in Kenya, Bolivia and a number of cities in the United States. After six years in practice, she returned to school to pursue Master of Science degree in global health with a focus on global health management. Dr. Rodney then obtained a Doctorate of Philosophy in nursing and global health from the University of Toronto. Dr. Rodney is also a World Health Organization (WHO) trained clinician on health sector responses to violence against women. She has also contributed to advancing higher education for the profession of nursing in the global south by guest lecturing in Guyana and Ethiopia.