Carol Mundley

Carol Mundley
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Contact Name: Carol Mundley
Title: Mental Health Nurse and former chair of the OPSEU Womens Committee
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Carol Mundley- Born in England, but migrated to Jamaica as an infant and then migrated to Canada as an adult.   For almost 18 years working at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health as a nurse, the Co-Chair for Joint Health and Safety Committee, the Workplace Violence Prevention Committee, and the Horizontal Violence, Anti-Racism, and Anti-Oppression Committee.

As a union activist in OPSEU, the first black woman to hold the Chair for the Provincial Women’s Committee, and the Coordinator for Health and Safety for the Province-wide Mental Health and Addiction Division where the birth of the Violence in the Workplace toolkit was created.   Lobbying Government and policymakers to change laws.   Continuously mentoring women especially racialized women in having a voice not only at work but in their communities.