Lorna Looby Crosse

Lorna Looby Crosse
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Contact Name: Lorna Looby Crosse
Title: Retired Principal
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As a young woman, for Lorna, doing better meant attending university where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts from York University. Later, she attended the University of Toronto where she earned a Bachelor and a Master of Education. As a student at U of T she learnt to see the potential in every student which served to guide her practice in Education.

During her undergraduate years, Ms. Looby-Crosse worked at the Bank of Montreal as a customer service representative.  After being certified by Ontario College of Teachers she taught at various communities in Toronto and the greater Toronto area.

She experienced enormous satisfaction as a Vice-principal especially when focusing on student achievement, well-being and success. Driven by student desire to overcome challenges, I invested much time addressing individual needs, creating pathways to success and improving student outcomes. Student graduation rates improved and students gained access to their desired pathway.” After thirty-seven years in Education, Ms  Looby-Crosse retired in 2018, as a vice-principal, from Toronto District School Board.