Isabelle Christiane Fotsing Djouwe

Isabelle Christiane Fotsing Djouwe
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Contact Name: Isabelle Christiane Fotsing Djouwe
Title: M.Ing
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Isabelle Fotsing, B.Eng, M.Sc. is a passionate problem-solver, prize-winning start-up founder and committed citizen who is devoting her journey to showing that talent/success has no color, gender, or any other socio-physiological specificity. Her expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas, including technology, strategy and governance.

Originally from Cameroon, Isabelle moved to Montreal in 2004 as an international student on a Canadian fellowship. Driven by her desire to understand the world and leverage technology to improve people’s life, she completed a bachelor and a master in engineering. She then worked as a clean energy projects analyst and big data scientist for more than 10 years before jumping into the startup journey. Isabelle is now co-founder and CTO of Watergeeks, a prize-winning and women-led startup leveraging artificial intelligence to accelerate circular economy.