Emerita Emerencia

Emerita Emerencia
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Contact Name: Emerita Emerencia
Title: Actress and Story Teller
Achievements & Accomplishments:

Emerita worked with a team of professionals, sponsored by the City of Toronto and various organizations to support marginalized Black and Aboriginal women. Through the use of Arts Therapy, the participants were workshopped to help them develop skills and become confident women, some becoming professional artists. The production “Coming from the Womb,” was one of the successful projects where the women involved, published their poetry.

In 1998, she was invited to Kenya to represent Canada at the International Drama and Education Association Festival, where, 6000 delegates from all over the world attended. She performed and provided community building and problem solving theatre workshops. On her return, she organized a fundraiser with local artists, raising $10.000 to help build a Health Clinic in Kisumu, to treat AIDS patients.