Carolynn Wilson

Carolynn Wilson
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Contact Name: Carolynn Wilson
Title: Curator
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Carolynn Wilson, co-owner of the Sheffield Park Black History and Cultural Museum in Clarksburg, Ontario, February is not the only month when Black History is celebrated.  It is a prominent part of the whole year, and Carolynn together with her sister Sylvia, are kept busy moving artifacts, setting up displays, giving talks and arranging presentations.  Carolynn co-founded the museum in Collingwood with her late Uncle Howard Sheffield and it moved to Clarksburg three years ago. The Wilson and the Sheffield families were two of the first to settle in Collingwood.  Both families were famous in the Grey County area in the late 1700s. “We’ve been here” said Carolynn, adding that the community always accepted her family.  She also said that, although as a young girl, the portrayal of Black people in books-caricatures with exaggerated facial features – was difficult; her parents worked extra hard to ensure that she knew her self-worth.