Maria Da Silva

Maria Da Silva
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Contact Name: Maria Da Silva
Title: Singer
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Maria DaSilva Pascoal (aka Sweet Maria) is an Angolan born singer, song-writer and music producer.  She was exposed to music at the early age of two.  The daughter of a Diplomat, she travelled with her family to different countries which contributed to her being a fairly well-rounded and eclectic artist.  In Nigeria, where her family lived for five years, Maria was exposed to Nigerian traditional music as well as American music singers by watching programs on the television. After a while, she returned with her family to Angola, where she became part of a children’s dance group and toured with them throughout Angola, competing with different groups. Later she moved with her family to the Czech Republic and it was there that Maria discovered her musical ability and developed her talent by writing lyrics, composing melodies and excelling in various cultural events.