Nalda Callender

Nalda Callender
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Contact Name: Nalda Callender
Title: Promoter
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Nalda demonstrated leadership is her ability to build bridges linking many diverse communities. She has initiated and helped to developed programs and projects to enhance the learning capacity of students at all levels.  Nalda views community building as a process for societal change and says “it means change in the level at which people participate in the social, economic and political life of the society and also, change in the ways they have access to societal resources.” It is said that Nalda is always on the prowl for new projects and ideas which she believes would benefit her community. She appears to be tireless and unrelenting in pursuit for social and political justice for minority women and others who are disenfranchised by the system. Her vision and tenacity contributed to getting Canada Post to issue its first commemorative postage stamp, in recognition of Black History Month in February 2009. Her knowledge of the challenges that face individuals with HIV/AIDS in particular ethno-cultural communities, promoted Nalda to institute and implement counselling and health-related activities relevant to their situations.