Shantelle Maria-Elena Browning-Morgan

Shantelle Maria-Elena Browning-Morgan
Contact Name: Shantelle Maria-Elena Browning-Morgan
Title: Ms.
Achievements & Accomplishments:

My first major accomplishment is being a mother to my three children: Siena, Quincy, and Anisa. The love, joys, challenges, and responsibilities have given me my deepest sense of purpose. They truly make my life more fulfilling and meaningful, and when I look at them, I know that being their mom surpasses any other achievement. My second greatest accomplishment is my unwavering pursuit of academic growth. I embarked on the journey of motherhood in my teenage years and navigated the demands of parenting while pursuing three university degrees, which ultimately changed the trajectory of the lives of my children and me. I proudly hold my master’s degree as a testament to the determination and resilience with which God has blessed me. Lastly, I was in a life-altering car accident in 2016 and the journey to recovery demanded a warrior spirit and steadfast commitment like I’d never known. The whole process was an unexpected catalyst for personal and spiritual transformation for which I am grateful.

Location: Ontario
Position: Secondary School Teacher and Curriculum Developer