Kayla Webber

Kayla Webber
Contact Name: Kayla Webber
Title: Ms.
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I never imagined growing up in Little Jamaica in Toronto with two regular parents, working regular jobs that I would end up halfway through a Ph.D. at the University of Toronto, having already taught four university-level courses and published one paper before the age of 30. As a result, I am dedicated to giving back to my community, especially young Black girls, as I can identify with their journey through adolescence, and have founded a grassroots organization in partnership with two other exceptional women in my neighborhood – Auntie’s Place – that co-creates a safe space with Black, Indigenous, and Afro-Indigenous youth who reside in Toronto and are seeking social support, community, food security, healing, and cultural knowledge. Furthermore, I have also gained the confidence to use my expertise to improve corporate and non-profit organizations policies and programs related to racialized individuals by conducting research through my own consulting company, which was inspired by the success of my research and analysis recruitment and retention of racialized individuals at TD Bank and the incorporation of my recommendations into their long-term plan.

Location: Ontario
Position: PhD Candidate/Co-Founder of Auntie’s Place