Opportunity to Celebrate Barack Obama

Dear ABC Sisters:

My name is Shernett Martin.  I am the Executive Director of the Vaughan African Canadian Association.  I have always believed in celebrating our accomplishments and showing gratitude to those who have positively impacted our community.

I know there are many Canadians who are so proud of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.  During the election in 2008, members of our community took the trip to Washington, DC to witness the swearing in and inauguration of the first African-American President.

Those who did not take the trip to Washington got together in our homes and communities, or took the day off work to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Others of us purchased the Ebony and Essence magazine editions with the First family on the cover, or the New York Times hard cover book on President Obama’s journey to the White house.  However, you marked this significant historical event, the black community celebrated his Presidency along with our American neighbours.

The Vaughan African Canadian Association wants to plan something to acknowledge President Obama and the First family with a proper send-off from his Canadian supporters before his last day in office, which is quickly approaching.

We would like to organize an event tentatively called “With Gratitude’ – A Celebration of President Barack Obama. We are looking at the end of October, before the November election, although he technically does not leave office until January, 2017.

The event would include a few speeches, poetry, dance ensemble, youths speaking of President Obama’s accomplishment, a video montage and an opportunity for attendees to sign a commemorative book that will be sent to the White House on behalf of the community.

I am looking for ABC women and their organizations, businesses, churches and places of worship who would be interested in supporting this event. With the level of experience and networking our group has, I hope this is something you can support.

Thank you for your time.   For more information, please contact Shernett at vaca@rogers.com.

With gratitude,