ISED new funding program

ISED new funding program – Women Entrepreneurship Strategy (WES), please share with your clients and networks…note, the intake closes on November 22, 2018

  1. WES Fund

On October 19, 2018, Minister Ng announced funding for women entrepreneurship under the Women Entrepreneurship Fund (WES Fund).    The WES Fund will invest $20 million over two years to help women-owned and women-led businesses grow and reach export markets. It will provide successful applicants with up to $100,000 in funding (non-repayable contribution) they can use to grow their existing businesses.


  1. WES Ecosystem Fund

The funding announced Friday compliments the funding to support the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy Ecosystem Fund (WES Ecosystem Fund) for non-profit organizations.


The WES Ecosystem Fund is investing $85 million over five years to strengthen capacity within the entrepreneurship ecosystem and close gaps in service for women entrepreneurs. Projects must be led by non-profit organizations (including social enterprises and cooperatives) and be inclusive of the needs of diverse and under-represented women.


The WES Ecosystem Fund seeks to address gaps and build capacity in the entrepreneurship ecosystem for women. Under this Initiative, activities could include:

  • Supplier diversity activities that target women entrepreneurs;
  • Initiatives to support women in traditionally underrepresented sectors;
  • Networking, matchmaking, and mentorship opportunities;
  • Incubator and accelerator programs;
  • Initiatives to support the participation of diverse and underrepresented women in entrepreneurship;
  • Efforts to scale up programs that support women entrepreneurs across regions and on a national basis; and
  • Other activities that will support the objectives of the WES Ecosystem Fund.


For more information on the WES Ecosystem Fund, please see the content available online:


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