About 100 ABCWomen 2022 Symposium

About 100 ABC Women 2022 Symposium – Women Taking Control – Investing in Black Healthcare

From July 2021 through March 2022, 100ABCWomen© successfully delivered 33 episodes in Season One of inspirational Fireside Chats. Sample topics include Entertainment, Understanding Black History, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Mental Health, Healthcare, Legal Issues, Education, Sports, were very well received and have been curated on our https://www.youtube.com/c/100abcwomen.   The feedback was unanimously positive and frequently included “we need to keep these conversations going” prompted 100ABCWomen© to begin planning for Season Two of Fireside Chats.

These conversations are a great way for our future generations to learn from our Elders, Brilliant-minded Honourees and Accomplished Black Canadian Women. More importantly, they provide a platform where the Accomplished Black Canadian Women’s voices were amplified. Each virtually delivered Fireside Chat Episode, showcases Honourees in the roles of moderator as well as panelists. While the topics are established by the Fireside Chats Planning Committee, Honourees select the topics that best match their expertise and experience as well as personal and lived experiences. Future Episodes will be held on Sunday afternoons to allow families, friends and their network to gather, listen and participate in the discussions. The Fireside Chats are intended to draw broad audiences as the topics are relatable, intriguing and come from individuals with expertise in the various fields. The 35 Episodes which will be delivered for Season Two, will commence from October 16, 2022 until July 2, 2023.